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By George A. Olah, Thomas Mathew

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The autobiography of a Nobel Prize winner, this e-book tells us approximately George Olah's interesting learn into super powerful superacids and the way it yielded the typical time period "magic acids." Olah publications us via his lengthy and memorable trip, from Budapest to Cleveland to la, with a stopover in Stockholm. This up to date autobiography of a Nobel Prize winner George A. Olah:

  • Chronicles the prestigious profession of a chemist whose paintings in a large diversity of chemistry parts, and such a lot significantly that during methane chemistry, resulted in applied sciences that impression the processing and application of different fuels
  • Is according to Olah's paintings on tremendous powerful superacids and the way they yielded the typical time period, "magic acids"
  • Details occasions because the book of the 1st version in 2000
  • Inspires readers with info on Dr. Olah's profitable fresh learn on methanol, meant to assist offer an answer to "the oil problem"

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Only after the first atomic model was developed by the physicists of the early twentieth century, which took form in Bohr’s model, was it possible to reconcile the involved general concepts with the specificity of the chemical elements. Bohr indeed expanded Rutherford’s model of the atom, which tried to connect the chemical specificity of the elements grouped in Mendeleev’s table with the behavior of electrons spinning around the nucleus. Bohr hit upon the idea that Mendeleev’s periodicity can be explained by the limited number of electrons occupying the same orbital.

Thus the phlogiston theory was born to explain all combustion and was widely accepted for most of the eighteenth century by, among others, such luminaries of chemistry as Joseph Priestley. Isolation of gases from calcination of certain minerals (fixed air) and from the air itself represented the next great advance in chemistry. Cavendish studied the preparation of hydrogen, “inflammable air,” as he termed it. ” Independently, and even somewhat before Priestly, the Swedish apothecary Scheele discovered oxygen and pointed out that air could not be an elementary substance as it was composed of two gases, “fire air” or oxygen and “foul air” or nitrogen, according to a ratio of one to three parts by his estimate.

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