Muḥammad ibn al-Ṭayyib Bāqillānī's A tenth-century document of Arabic literary theory and PDF

By Muḥammad ibn al-Ṭayyib Bāqillānī

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435; DaZa'tZ, p. 18; Murtada, I, 192, Gu/ran, I, 97; 'Umda, I, 38; Muhadarat I, 36 and 142; Subki, Tabaqat, Cairo, 1323/4, 1,129; SawInd, p. , pp. 185, 186, 418 (translatIOns). Tawil . 239. ThiS most famous Arabic poetess was sttll alive under 'Umar I, d. perhaps ill 650. Diwan, ed. L. Chelkho, Beirut, 1895, L I 4,5 (p 103); trans. V. de CoppIer, Beirut, 1889, p. 148. Tawil. 240. The poet IS Bakr b an-Nattah, d. ca. 850. KamtZ, p. 506, Stn, p. ); Sakkaki, p. ; VB. 1 only); SawInd, p. 98b. KamtZ.

Boucher, Paris, 1870, II, 220 11 ; Suli, AT, p. 20, DII!. 1,21; Azmina, I, 166; Nuwalri, III, 182; Daudpota, op. , p. 97, note 2. Tawil . 96. Readmg WIth DM adrakat-hu for adrakat-ni. 97. 2 (ed. R. Geyer, London. 1928). For references and the questlOn of authorship see Geyer, loco Ctt, p. 282. Further quotatIOns:

Famous phIlologIst, d. 831. 54. Celebrated phIlologIst, d. 825. 55. Hammad ar-Rawtya, collector of ancient poetry, d. 771 or 774. 56. Abu 'Amr b. al-'Ala' al-Mazmi, one of the founders of Arabian philology, d. ca 770. 57. The defImtlOns offered by Qudama, p. 92 -93, $in, p. 275, andMafatih, p. 76 (where 1,rdaj appears as subdlvlslOn of mubdlaga) , agree substantially 8 A TENTH-CENTURY DOCUMENT OF ARABIC LITERARY THEORY They say: A similar instance is (Imru'ulqais') verse. guM (sleeping until late in the morning).

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