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By Timothy A. Mousseau, Barry Sinervo, John A. Endler

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ISBN-13: 9780195121834

That includes a very good choice of papers from major authors, this e-book summarizes the kingdom of present figuring out concerning the quantity of genetic version inside of wild populations and the how one can visual display unit such version. it's a worthwhile source for pros and graduate scholars in genetics, biology, ecology, and evolution.

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Second, species that differ most in shape are the least interconvertible. Values marked with an asterisk in the bottom figure show those cases where selection on size results in a correlated change in shape in the opposite direction, so that the difference between species in shape becomes magnified as selection decreases the difference in size. This raises the possibility that in these cases one extant species did not give rise to another; instead, a nonintermediate common ancestor gave rise to both.

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Smith, H. G. 1993. Heritability of tarsus length in cross-fostered broods of the European starling (Stumus vulgaris). Heredity 71:318-322. Smith, H. , and K. J. Wettermark. 1995. Heritability of nestling growth in cross-fostered European Starlings Stumus vulgaris. Genetics 141:657-665. Smith, J. N. , and A. A. Dhondt. 1980. Experimental confirmation of heritable morphological variation in a natural population of song sparrows. Evolution 34:1155-1160. Smith, J. N. , and R. Zach. 1979. Heritability of some morphological characters in a song sparrow population.

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