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This article combines the basics of electromagnetics with numerical modeling to take on a large variety of present electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) difficulties, together with issues of lightning, transmission strains, and grounding platforms. It units forth an exceptional beginning within the fundamentals ahead of advancing to really expert themes, and permits readers to strengthen their very own EMC computational types for functions in either learn and undefined.

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In engineering applications, it is sufficient to make the tangential components of the fields satisfy the necessary interface conditions as the normal components implicitly satisfy the associated boundary conditions. In addition, the surface current Js and surface charge rs are very often encountered when one of the materials is a perfect or good conductor. In the case of a perfect conductor, the electric field E and magnetic field H vanish within the perfectly conducting medium. These fields are replaced by the surface charge density rs and surface current density Js.

1, the correct Lagrangian for the vacuum electromagnetic field has been considered to be the following expression: 1 ~ À~ ~Š L ¼ ½~ BÁH EÁD 2 ð2:194Þ ~Š can be interpreted as the potential energy density, and where the term 1=2½~ EÁD ~ H Š as the kinetic energy density.

5 OHM’S LAW The conservation of charge in a continuous medium is expressed by the equation of continuity qr ¼0 r~ Jþ qt ð2:54Þ The current density ~ J is considered to be stationary if there is no accumulation of charge density at any point. 55) represents the field equivalent of Kirchhoff’s current law stating that the net current leaving a junction of several conductors is zero. TEAM LinG 20 FUNDAMENTALS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC THEORY The expression which relates the current density and electric field at any point within the conducting material is ~ J ¼ s~ E ð2:56Þ where s is the electrical conductivity of the particular material.

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