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By J. A. Fox (auth.)

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50 An Introduction to Engineering Fluid Mechanics Thus the combination of the source and sink gives Fig. 18 For a particular value of 1/1 c the value of a must be constant. The streamline equivalent to 1/I c must be a circular are (angles subtended by the same chord are equal) as shown in Fig. 18.

20. Calculate the force per metre run acting upon it, specifying its magnitude, direction and location. 142 ) meganewtons = 1·69 meganewtons 24 An Introduction to Engineering Fluid Mechanics 6m Fig. 20 Direction of resultant: Let Q be the angle the resultant makes to the horizontal. Then IX = arctan (V/fl) = arctan (1·14/1·26) = 42° 8'4' Position of resultant: It is first necessary to locate the centroid of the mass of water contained between a vertical through A and the dam profile. Let the horizontal distance from A of the centroid be a.

By using an air-liquid inverted differential manometer and by pressurising the air a quite satisfactory reading may be obtained (see Fig. 15). As before As wair is very much less than Wf the value of Wair/Wf is very much less than 1. For instance, if water is the working fluid Wair/Wf = 1/780. p Fig. 15 Micromanometers A number of devices are available for the measurement of extremely small pressures. In the range of small, but significant pressures, the slant tube manometer can be used (see Fig.

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