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Using it to potentize/charge food or water Method A: Place a sample of the energy signature that you want to add to the food or water in the trend witness well. If you are using for example a homeopathic treatment, then you would use a sample of the treatment in powder or elixir form, and generally a small clear glass vial works well to contain the sample (place the sample in a glass vial, and then put the sample into the well). Either suspend a vessel (preferably glass, generally not metal, must be non-reactive non-leeching non-conductive non-toxic) of the food or water over the output of your machine, or immerse the output of your machine in the food or water, whichever is appropriate to your equipment.

Usually the speakers are marked (inside the speaker box on the back of the speaker magnet) with a little number beside an ohm symbol. This is the resistance. An ohm symbol looks like a little "O" with the bottom cut off and two little tails (Greek letter omega). Again, alternately, you could connect the coil directly to your pc sound card by adding 8 ohm resistance to the mobius coil, as I gather 8 ohm is the standard resistance for small speakers like the ones used in PCs. In fact, I may be offering this (the ability to plug it directly into your PC sound output) as an option on the Pro Model Pulsers at some point in the future.

After thinking about it quite a bit, I have decided not to give specific variable resistor values at this point. I do not see that it matters. I have used many different resistor values and have found that they all work. I would say that for this kind of a circuit, it is best that they be under 1 mega Ohm maximum resistance. You shouldn' t have too much trouble finding dials, as they are fairly common, and easily salvaged from old electronics, or bought from an electronics supply store. Here is a diagram showing a basic, easy-to-make radionics tuner.

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